Hardwood flooring could be best for your remodel

Choosing the perfect floor covering could be as simple as browsing hardwood flooring products to find the one that fits your requirements and preferences. Wood floors are ideal for many spaces, with impressive performance, stunning visuals, and lifespans that outlast most other flooring products. It's worth learning more about hardwood products and all they can do for you, so here are some facts to help you start your shopping endeavor.

Why choose hardwood floors?

One of the most well-known benefits of hardwood flooring is its extensive lifespan, with products that could serve you for over 100 years with professional flooring installation. Durability is one reason why wood floors last as long as they do, especially when you choose the suitable species and texture type. Some species are harder than others, so they're naturally more durable, but textures also work to guard against light scratches and scuffs. For visual appeal, few materials offer better options than this one, which includes extensive opportunities for customization. Choose your favorite species, stain color, board width, texture, and installation layout, for mixing and matching that can yield personalized results you'll love. There are also plenty of trending features to consider in solid and engineered wood flooring lines that will keep your home in style for years. All wood floor installations must start with an acclimation process, which equalizes humidity levels between the installation space and the new flooring. This process can last one to three days but ensures a proper installation and excellent performance afterward, even when moisture issues happen. When you visit us today, we'll answer all your questions about acclimation, installation, and other hardwood flooring options.

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