Owen Stone by Crossville

Tile |SKU# OST03.10202LMOS

nspired by Italian Pietra di Cardosa and American Vermont Slate, Owen Stone offers beautiful, earthen styling crafted in durable, lasting porcelain tile. However, this collection is so much more than just a great stone-look option. It takes tile surfaces to a whole new frontier with the industry’s first-ever Leathered finish. You’ll notice the difference at first touch. Owen Stone’s Leathered finish is buttery with a cashmere-like feel. Smooth, silky, and soft to the touch, this finish is perfect for bare-feet floors and luxurious wall finishes— yet features a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction suitable for demanding installations. This Leathered finish creates a subtle, glowing sheen with a distinct, satiny visual depth.

Color: Slipper Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Bunny 12"X24" Leather
  • Bunny 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Bunny 24"X24" Leather
  • Bunny 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Bunny 24"X48" Leather
  • Bunny Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Bunny Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
  • Down 12"X24" Leather
  • Down 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Down 24"X24" Leather
  • Down 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Down 24"X48" Leather
  • Down Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Down Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
  • Mittens 12"X24" Leather
  • Mittens 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Mittens 24"X24" Leather
  • Mittens 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Mittens 24"X48" Leather
  • Mittens Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Mittens Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
  • Sable 12"X24" Leather
  • Sable 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Sable 24"X24" Leather
  • Sable 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Sable 24"X48" Leather
  • Sable Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Sable Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
  • Slipper 12"X24" Leather
  • Slipper 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Slipper 24"X24" Leather
  • Slipper 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Slipper 24"X48" Leather
  • Slipper Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Slipper Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
  • Teddy 12"X24" Leather
  • Teddy 12"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Teddy 24"X24" Leather
  • Teddy 24"X24" Textured Exterior
  • Teddy 24"X48" Leather
  • Teddy Square Mosaic 2"X2"
  • Teddy Triangle Mosaic 8 1/2"X14 1/2"
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Owen Stone
Slipper Square Mosaic 2"X2"
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