Yin + Yang by Crossville

Natural Stone |SKU# YY04/.1.5.5MOS

Crossville’s Yin Yang brings a distinctive sense of harmony and flow to the many elements that make up today’s architectural and interior designs. Taking inspiration from ancient Far Eastern art and teachings, its shade, shape, and size options effortlessly balance bold and understated, contours and corners, focal points and counterpoints, to unify and beautify virtually any space. Yin Yang color’s include: Snow Flower, Tea Garden, Black Dragon, Bonsai, Koi Pond, Lotus Blossom and Silk Fan.

Color: Black Dragon .5"X.5"
  • Black Dragon .5"X.5"
  • Black Dragon 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Black Dragon 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Black Dragon 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Black Dragon 11.5"X11.75" Linear
  • Black Dragon 12"X12" Stacked
  • Black Dragon 3"X12"
  • Bonsai .5"X.5"
  • Bonsai .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Bonsai 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Bonsai 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Bonsai 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Bonsai 11.5"X11.75" Linear
  • Bonsai 3"X12"
  • Koi Pond .5"X.5"
  • Koi Pond .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Koi Pond 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Koi Pond 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Koi Pond 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Koi Pond 11.5"X11.75"
  • Koi Pond 3"X12"
  • Lotus Blossom .5"X.5"
  • Lotus Blossom .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Lotus Blossom 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Lotus Blossom 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Lotus Blossom 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Lotus Blossom 11.5"X11.75"
  • Lotus Blossom 3"X12"
  • Moon Gate .5"X.5"
  • Moon Gate .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Moon Gate 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Moon Gate 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Moon Gate 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Moon Gate 11.5"X11.75"
  • Moon Gate 3"X12"
  • Silk Fan .5"X.5"
  • Silk Fan .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Silk Fan 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Silk Fan 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Silk Fan 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Silk Fan 11.5"X11.75"
  • Silk Fan 3"X12"
  • Snow Flower .5"X.5"
  • Snow Flower .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Snow Flower 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Snow Flower 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Snow Flower 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Snow Flower 11.5"X11.75"
  • Snow Flower 3"X12"
  • Tea Garden .5"X.5"
  • Tea Garden .5"X1.5" Stacked
  • Tea Garden 1.5"X6.5" Brick
  • Tea Garden 1"X3" Elongated Hex
  • Tea Garden 1"X3" Herringbone
  • Tea Garden 11.5"X11.75"
  • Tea Garden 3"X12"
Available Size: 0.5" X 0.5"
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Yin + Yang
Black Dragon .5"X.5"
0.5" X 0.5"
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